7th - 8th October, Hyderabad
Status: Accepting submissions

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Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Following are the guidelines for proposal submission

Proposal Types

We have three kind of Proposals - General Talks, Lightning Talks and Workshops. Please mention the Proposal type in the Title of the Proposal. Give a Title like Proposal Type : Proposal Title

General Talks

These are the traditional talk sessions scheduled during the first day of conference. They will be conducted on Day 2 of Conference, Sunday, 8th Oct. The length of these tracks are 45 minutes.

Lightning Talks

These are short length talks that will be conducted on Day 2 of Conference, Sunday, 8th Oct. The time limit is 5 minutes. But we can extend it depending on number of talks submitted.


As with the talks, we are looking for Workshops that can grow this community at any level. We aim for Workshops that will advance Python, advance this community, and shape the future. Each session runs for 6 full hours plus a break for lunch. There will be 2 workshops going parallely on Day 1 of Conference, Saturday, 7th Oct in the same venue that hosts the main conference. Workshop I is aimed for Begineers while Workshop II is a Advaced Session aimed for Professionals.

Themes and Topics

These will be the themes and topics

Important Dates

Propose a session

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Workshop: MicroPython - New Language for the IoT
Satish Rao (@satishrao) Beginner 1 0 Tue, 22 Aug
2 Internet of Things (IoT) and Python
Satish Rao (@satishrao) Beginner 1 0 Tue, 22 Aug
3 [General Talks] THE Data Structure of our Real-time World : Queues
Mayank Badola (@mbad0la) Beginner 0 0 Tue, 22 Aug
4 A beginner's guide to python - Pygame and much more
Varun Aravinth N (@varunaravinth) Beginner 0 0 Mon, 21 Aug
5 [Lightning Talk]Melissa : A lovely virtual assistant for OS X, Windows and Linux systems.  
Bhavesh Anand (@bhaveshan) Intermediate 4 0 Fri, 18 Aug
6 Airflow: To Manage Data Pipelines
Mahendra Yadav (@userimack) Beginner 2 0 Thu, 17 Aug
7 Designing Modules in Python
Sripathi Krishnan (@sripathikrishnan-1) Intermediate 1 0 Wed, 16 Aug
8 Python things with Google Assistant
Neha Sharma (@hellonehha) Intermediate 4 0 Mon, 14 Aug
9 The Journey to Jarvis v2.0 via Stephanie: Building your very own simple AI    
Ujjwal Gupta (@slapbot) Intermediate 9 0 Sun, 13 Aug
10 Building a Template Engine for Data Visualisation
Vijay Yellepeddi (@vijaygramener) Intermediate 5 0 Sun, 13 Aug
11 Sentimental Analysis Using PYTHON- USES and Impact
madhu vadlamani (@madhuvad) Beginner 5 0 Sat, 12 Aug
12 Python Django.  
Nagi Reddy AnnapuReddy (@nagireddy96666) (proposing) Advanced 0 1 Fri, 11 Aug
13 A lazy programmer's guide to web scraping  
Pradhvan Bisht (@pradhvan) Beginner 5 0 Thu, 10 Aug
14 Telegram Bot using Python  
Shashank Kumar (@realslimshanky) Intermediate 5 0 Wed, 9 Aug
15 Pyspark - Python and Spark
Durga Gadiraju (@itversity) Intermediate 12 2 Wed, 9 Aug