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PyConf Hyderabad

General Talks: Tryst with Celery, Selenium and PIL

Submitted by Chandan Gupta on Wednesday, 23 August 2017


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How we solved an interesting problem using Selenium and Python Imaging Library, and exploited Celery to improve the performance of a monthly job from days to hours.


Describe problem statement, explain existing solution and problems, take the audience through iterative improvements and the final solution.

Speaker bio

Chandan, a IIIT-H alumnus, is a Principal Engineer at Pramati Technologies. He has over 13 years of experience across different business domains including BFSI, AdTech and Cloud.


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    Chandan Kumar (@nrchandan) a year ago

    I will talk about the issues we faced when using Celery, and how we overcame. Selenium and PIL are small but vital parts of the solution.

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    Vijay Kumar (@bravegnu) a year ago

    Hi Chandan, you need describe the “interesting problem” that you solved, in the abstract above. This will help us better understand the content of the talk.

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